Nacho Madrid – Freelance UX consultant in Málaga (Spain)

Hi, how are you? I’m Nacho Madrid

I am an expert consultant in User-centred Design, and a researcher in the fields of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and User eXperience (UX). I work to ideate, design, implement and evaluate products, services and technologies through a better understanding of the motivations, expectations and capabilities of their users and customers.

I have been working in HCI and UX projects over the past 15 years, from different perspectives and professional roles:

  • As UX researcher and expert consultant. For some years I worked for ILUNION Technology & Accessibility, managing and performing studies and projects for international businesses and organizations on inclusive design, accessibility and user experience. I was also UX Research Lead at The Workshop – Inventors of Play. Nowadays, I collaborate with different teams as independent UX consultant.
  • As lecturer / trainer. Currently I am an associated university lecturer for the Master Universitario en Diseño de Experiencia de Usuario (Master Degree in User Experience Design) at the Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR) (a Spanish online university). I also teach other courses from time to time on related topics (such as Software Ergonomics, Human Factors in ICT design or Psychology of Perception).
  • As academic researcher. I earned a PhD. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Granada (Spain), in collaboration with Utrecht University (The Netherlands). I was also member of the Cognitive Ergonomics Group, and I published some academic papers on HCI / UX.

I am also a UX Certified Professional by the Nielsen Norman Group (UXC – Speciality: UX Management).
UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group
For more information about me, you can check:

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UX consulting services 

I provide consulting services to international projects requiring to apply some of the following techniques and methodologies in the field:

  • Qualitative research on the needs and preferences of users regarding products, services and technologies
  • Quantitative research, statistical analyses, BI / web analytics and UX metrics reports
  • Desk research and consultancy on cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects related to user experience
  • User testing (lab / remote)
  • In-depth interviews (face-to-face / remote)
  • Managing focus groups, workshops and discussion forums with users
  • Benchmarking and trend analyses, with a focus on user experience
  • UX and accessibility audits
  • Usability and accessibility training and mentoring

How to get in touch with me?

Where am I? Málaga – Madrid – Barcelona

Vista panorámica de la ciudad de Málaga
Málaga, Costa del Sol, Spain
Fuente: CC0 Public Domain Images

I am lucky of being able to work from Málaga, the capital city of the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain. Málaga is a very nice and livable city, but also a very active area in the ICT /digital sector. I also work remotely for clients from Madrid, Barcelona or London, and travel to work onsite if required (Málaga is very well-connected with the main cities in Spain and Europe through speed trains and international flights).

You can contact me through my Linkedin profile or write an email to